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Began in 1972
It was a pile of tangled mufflers, a pair of oily hands, but at the very core a smouldering ambition to become top of the game. Windsor Exhaust Centre began in 1972, growing and adapting with the changing demands of the automotive industry.
Superior Sports Systems
From standard replacements and part sales, to where we are today in engineering the most advanced performance upgrades, leading the way in Australia’s superior sports systems.

The WEC Enterprise has been in the Woodbury family for many successful years and the tradition of trusted customer relationships and honest work started here.

But yes, management has changed just recently. Leon has been a partner since 2014, moved to manage the Windsor operation in 2018, and on the 1st April the business sale was finalised in which he became sole owner of Windsor Exhaust.

Leon and the team are committed to continuing the legacy of 100% customer satisfaction; superior workmanship paired with integrity of service. It doesn’t stop there though, we seek advancement. That’s why we’re finding time to give our store a much needed face lift.

We are a Sydney-based windsor exhaust systems provider company, also offering custom exhaust systems including 79 series exhaust, vdj79 exhaust, 200 series exhaust, hilux exhaust, y62 patrol exhaust, 79series exhaust kit and more in the nearest areas of Toowoomba, Wagga Wagga, Bendigo, and Kalgoorlie.

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