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Established in 1972, Windsor Exhaust has for 50 years crafted a custom exhaust system for every vehicle here in our workshop. Over the last couple of years, we have utilised that deep-seated knowledge to design bolt-on systems that you can install on your own vehicle. So that no matter where you are in Australia, you can get the unparalleled note and performance that is achieved with a Windsor system.

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Explore the Windsor difference

Aesthetically stunning:
Our systems trace the contours of each vehicle, seamlessly melding to the existing structure in complete aerodynamic symmetry.
100% guaranteed perfect fitment:
All our systems are made in jigs which are engineered by our highly skilled fabricators.
An easy-to-install process for anyone:
Designed by our craftsmen for the most efficient install time.
Option for ceramic coated dump pipes:
The ceramic coating acts as a ceramic insulator and assists in reducing heat near the engine bay.
Made in 304 grade Stainless steel:
Superior to the commonly used 409 grade, this is the best material to use. With its tough and ductile austenitic structure, it contains large amounts of nickel and chromium preventing it from rusting or corroding. It's sleek modern appearance is long lasting because it's so durable, the high intensile strength sitting at approximately 621 MPa (90ksi).
Mandrel bent system:
This guarantees a consistent inside diameter of the pipe which is crucial to maximum flow & performance. By maintaining the ID the entire way through, it rules out any risk of back pressure or restriction and produces efficient movement for fluid dynamics to increase horsepower.
Premium 100 cell high-flow metallic catalytic converters used:
This is an exhaust emission control device that converts toxic gases & pollutants in exhaust gas from the internal combustion engine into less toxic pollutants by catalysing a redox reaction. Our cats are made from highly durable metallic substrate & 304 grade stainless.
Our 304 grade stainless steel flex bellows are double braided:
Used to absorb excess vibrations & movement caused by the engine, the double braid design has superior thermal insulating properties compared to standard bellows ensuring there is no extra strain on the exhaust system as it heats up.
All flanges are laser cut out of thick 10mm steel, brackets out of 12mm:
This is extremely rugged and will withstand the harsh Australian terrain
10 year product warranty:
This shows how much confidence we have in our quality workmanship as well as giving you peace of mind

Our systems are tough'  aggressive.....steely enough for endless tracking, keeping you at the head of the pack.

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Established in 1972

50 years of experience ...... builds the expertise and ability required to design and deliver a custom exhaust solution for your vehicle.