Optimize Your 79 Series: Look into DPF Back Exhaust for VDJ79

The Windsor 79 System

Aesthetically Stunning

The Windsor 79 System

An unrivalled depth and resonance

The Windsor 79 System

Superb Structure

The Windsor 79 System

Our latest prototype for the VDJ79 crafted in 4” 304 stainless has been turning heads…..actually stealing hearts. With an unrivalled depth and resonance, revealing the true melodious ensemble of the V8, combined with the aesthetically beautiful flow & sheen of the pipework configuration, there is no wondering why.​

Windsor's team of exhaust professionals have worked damn hard to attain perfection. 

Designed to have limited welded joins, this reduces break points making the structure a whole lot tougher
The visible hanger bracket that hold the tailpipe in position not only are tough but they look sleek as well.
Coupled with our 100cell hi-flow cat and resonator creates the perfect accoustics. The catalytic converter enhances the note and prevents the turbo from over spooling while the resonator brings the noise level down moderately and deepens the note.
Crafted by our expert fabricators for an easy to install process for anyone.
With or without a DPF, the sound is unreal.​
An unbeatable note and superb structure is just the start.....

Tried & tested 4" tube size:​

This increases airflow out of your engine reducing the back pressure and therefore allowing more power out​
The optimum flow gains create a faster spooling turbo and engine response​
Significantly reduces thong-slap
Gives the deepest note, revealing the true throaty V8 sound
To look at? Think PHAT, think TOUGH
Has been proven beyond question to be the most popular system in Australia

Available in a variety of configurations to suit DPF and pre-DPF models, single or dual cab:

Turbo-back and DPF-back
Single & dual tailpipes
Single & dual shortys.

An Unbeatable Note and Superb Structure Is Just the Start.....
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