Exceptional Exhaust Service Experience with Daniel at Wayne Jones

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Wayne Jones

Had to book the job 1 month in advance. I live around 100 kilometres away. Recommendations were all glowing - so plenty of time to raise my expectations . The day finally arrived and I was booked in at 5.30am - yes 5.30 !!! I haven’t come across many trades that start at so early. Anyway I waited for the job to be finished. Daniel worked on my car for 9.5 hours with with complete focus and dedication to doing the job perfectly. You think it is a 1 minute job to get the exhaust tips perfectly positioned - not so - these guys are professional they will not release the vehicle until everything is perfect so there were many things that were checked and rechecked before sign off - final result was mind blowing - the perfect sound I have been chasing for years - you have put a big smile on my face for producing the perfect sound at a reasonable price - I highly recommend this business to anyone wanting to resolve exhaust issues - and a big thank you to Daniel